Shane’s Safari Hike

Shane’s Howth Safari Hike
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Dublin’s best day tours, only 30 minutes from the city centre and airport. Explore Howth, a charming peninsula in the Dublin Bay UNESCO Biosphere, with a local on our guided hikes, walks, electric bike and food tours. We will take you off the beaten track through magical woodland, jungle and heath lands to the famous cliff paths and panoramic views. Immerse yourself in nature and wildlife. Seals, porpoises, gannets, cormorants, falcons and more. We bring Irish history and culture to life. 

Dive into the nature and history of Ireland. Tune your senses and spirit to the Druids of Howth. Feel ancient romance and resonance at Aideen’s Grave the ancient Dolmen. Climb to HG Wells’ most beautiful view in the world. Read the weather from the salty air and cool breezes on your cheeks overlooking Dublin Bay. Follow WB Yeats’ Fairy Road down to the sea and the cliffs. Surrender to the whispers of the woodland the forest and stories of the trees. Tough weather means wild storms, crashing waves and lashing seas. James Joyce and Dublin’s garden gate was the Baily Lighthouse.  Take the next steps into the myths and legends of 10,0000 years.  Make it your story. 


“It was an awesome hike! Our tour guide Shane was the best. He immediately made us all feel welcomed and excited for our hike. He knows Howth really well and took us down best paths with the least amount of tourists and we had quite the adventure. We left feeling like we made a friend! I highly recommend this tour!”

“Our guide Conor was exceptional. He was warm, welcoming and made our day enjoyable. We would recommend this to anyone wanting a different pace from the city centre. We hiked up above Howth Castle where the views were absolutely breath-taking, we were blessed with clear weather to see for miles out. Our guide shared many interesting stories and history about the area and he led us to the Lower Cliff Path for the walk along the cliffs. It was amazing, the views! We walked through the town and on the castle grounds and stopped in a few places along the hike to take pictures. The fairy trees and Conor showing us his favourite tree, along with some poetry as we stopped by where W.B. Yeats once lived was so sweet!”

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