School of Fish

Learn about Howth’s fishing fleet with the help of Dorans 

Enjoy a fun filled hands-on experience here in Howth. Discover the secrets of the amazing journey that brings the perfect piece of fish to your plate under the guidance of our experts.

Learn about Howth’s fishing fleet with Sean Doran, local fishmonger and seafood restaurant owner and Tracey, Doran’s Skipper’s Mate who assists the Skippers of Fishing Vessels in compliance with regulations, legislation and safety.

Dorans itself, provides wholesale, retail and their own restaurants with fresh fish supplies caught by their own and other trawlers from Howth and across the country. As a result of this prowess in the fishing industry, you can be sure to receive a thorough and authentic experience when you go to the School of Fish.

Learn how fish is caught and processed after landing as you walk and familiarize yourself with the harbour and all of its different fishing vessels. With the help of his two brothers and status here on the West Pier, Sean has created one of the most unique experiences to avail of here in Howth.

In tune with the issues of today’s society, a conservation and sustainability element has been added to the seminar.

Learn about;

  • Plastics in the ocean and the ‘Fishing for Litter’ campaign
  • Fish farming in Ireland and Globally
  • Fish providence and sustainability
  • The effects of EU quotas, the common fisheries policies and BREXIT
  • Fishery Conservation Methods

To keep the excitement up, we’ve balanced the theory side of the class with some hands-on activities for those participating. Learn basic navigations and rules of commercial fishing, safety at sea, basic knots, splicing and much more. Throughout the whole day, you’ll be given ideas and tips on how to buy, prepare and cook seafood.

And finally in true Irish hospitality, we couldn’t have you thinking about seafood all day without actually giving you some. Finish off your class with a lunch using only the best of Doran’s fresh seafood on offer and a drink of your choosing.

Ideal for corporate days and team building and especially members of the catering industry, chefs and restaurateurs. In the last year, we’ve had great results and feedback from giving the class to catering students and even those as young as Secondary School students.

A great day out learning about the fishing industry in Ireland, and especially Howth. We learned so much and Sean was very patient with my 1000 questions! A genuine experience where you get to meet the friendly fishermen, the fishmongers and come up close to the the trawlers. On top of all the friendly information, we also got a tasty lunch prepared freshly, straight from the sea. This is what travelling is about. Meeting the local people and getting insight in their daily lives and work. In fact, not just for visitors from abroad, it was super interesting for me who live in Dublin too. Thanks Sean and Tracey for a super day on the pier.

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