Just another reason for all of us out here to get up that little bit earlier – delicious breakfast and lunch!

Howth is proud to welcome the arrival of one of Dublin’s favourite foodie spots. 

With a two locations already, one on Bachelor’s Walk and another on Tara Street. Póg; well known connoisseurs of all things pancakes, salads and brunch in general, has decided to delight us by opening another restaurant right here on the Harbour front. 

The news of the opening was announced on their Instagram with the words . .

“We are delighted to announce that we are opening up our next café in HOWTH!! Some of you will know that I grew up in Howth and it’s really special to be able to add something to the food scene on this beautiful peninsula where I have so many memories. 

We are hoping to be open by the end of April. We’re so incredibly excited and we hope you are too. See you soon for pancakes and salads!”

Póg will be the first of it’s kind in our little seaside village. Howth is undoubtedly a havana for cafés and restaurants. However, Póg’s advocacy for healthy eating and nutrition is sure to make it stand out from the crowd. 

“After losing a lot of weight at age 16 and changing my lifestyle and eating habits, I always toyed with the idea of creating a restaurant that offered healthy, low calorie options that were still fun and delicious.” 

Oscar Wilde once said ‘ everything in moderation’. However knowing that Póg’s sourdough sambos and loaded pancakes are only a short walk away – it’s going to be hard not going there everyday of the week. 

Check out Póg’s website here.
And while you’re there, check out the gallery if you think your stomach can handle it.