Lara’s Writing Workshop

Meet Lara O’Brien, accomplished author and writing workshop facilitator, who finally moved back to Ireland after living 25 years abroad in America.

Lara offers her writers the choice of a few different classes, workshops and even a 5 day retreat that is scheduled for May of 2020. All which are held here on the peninsula of Howth.

Write, read, and reflect on the story of your life. During Lara’s writing workshop, which is hosted at a private residence on the hill of Howth, you will be encouraged to write to prompts that lead you deeper into your own story.

“To fully experience Howth is to understand her and we will weave her characteristics into our writing; the natural landscape and seascape of Ireland’s most beautiful muse, the peninsula of Howth.”

Lara also does a yoga and writing workshop which helps you focus on what’s most important to you. Write to prompts, read, receive feedback and reflect. Stretch, meditate and breathe. This is a mind/body/ spirit class that starts with gentle yoga and meditation lead by Michelle Berrange.

Afterwards, there’ll be a session prompting you write about your own life story followed by an opportunity to read and support everyone else in your workshop. 

These monthly workshops set you up to organize your thoughts and leave you ready to face all that comes in the weeks ahead. Yoga and writing workshops alike leave you with renewed strength, focus and connection to life.

Lara’s Howth Island Retreat 

Day 1 – Walk the beautiful grounds of Howth Castle and hear about its historic and famous visitors including Grace O’Malley the Pirate Queen, Jonathan Swift and HG Wells. We will take you through the enchanted forest where you will be surrounded by stunning Rhododendrons, Aideen’s Grave and the Castle grounds. Take in 360 degree views of the islands, Howth, Dublin and the mountains.

Day 2 – Empowered women, by land and by sea. Take a page out of Grace O’Malley’s book with a boat trip to explore Ireland’s Eye. We will discuss the legendary story of her visit to Howth, her life as a pirate queen and the importance of her legacy.

Day 3 – Indulge in a fun afternoon of literary decadence in Dublin City.

Day 4 – Hitting the town and having a Hooley. Night of traditional Irish fare, music and dance in the 12th Century Old Abbey Tavern, Howth.

Day 5 – An early morning Pier walk followed by breakfast and final group writing session with Howth Writing Group. Reading/presentation of a prompt piece to local writers. And finally, hugs, goodbyes and safe wishes on your way home.

Lara’s Writing Workshops & Retreats
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“Just left a writing workshop in Howth with Lara. I was bought this lovely gift by my cousins and truly it’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Location – amazing, comfortable and relaxing. Group – incredible ladies with such relatable stories and wonderful abilities to tell them. Lara – awesome, friendly, inclusive, thoughtful and honest. Can’t recommend this workshop more highly. Can’t wait to go to the next one. Thank you to all the beautiful women today who allowed me to be vulnerable.”

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