Howth Seafood Shuffle

You’re sure to enjoy Dublin’s stunning coastline and Howth’s bustling atmosphere as you build up an appetite for some of Dublin’s finest seafood prepared with a unique twist.

We’ve combined the two things that Howth is most known for; its lively atmosphere and delicious seafood. The Howth Seafood Shuffle is a unique new food experience to hit North Dublin, think of it as an exciting new bar crawl.

Choose 3 of our participating eateries and enjoy one drink and a tapas sized dish in each one. With Approximately an hour to spend in each place, it gives you just the right amount of time to enjoy the food, the atmosphere and then shuffle on to your next location.

We like to market ourselves as a unique and new food experience that a lot of people haven’t come across before which is why we have a variety of diverse restaurants on our participating list. Have your first meal in a Mediterranean themed tapas bar and your next in a high class and award winning seafood restaurant. Or similarly, enjoy one meal at the top of the Hill with an amazing view of Dublin Bay and your next at the end of the pier with the perfect seascape of Ireland’s Eye and Lambay Island.

Immerse yourself in this coastal seafood paradise and take full advantage of everything we have on offer. Enjoy a relaxing walk along both of our piers and finally drop off on the Howth Seafood Shuffle or if you’re made of tougher stuff try your hand (or feet rather) at our cliff walks. Howth has so many activities and opportunities to avail of, just take a look at the ‘Things to Do’ section and make an entire day of it.

“Such a fab thing to do! Everyone needs to be reminded of how gorgeous Howth is and explore the superb seafood at some of these restaurants. A great opportunity to eat delicious tapas at your choice of 3 different eateries, and finally washed down with a glass of vino or a beer. Admire the sunset on the pier and indulge. And all for €50, bargain!”

“My wife and I travelled from the US to visit Dublin and decided to do this as a way to get a good sample of food – several restaurants all at once. All of the restaurants we visited we enjoyed a lot … All of the restaurants we visited treated us very well, and each menu had their own kind of unique offering. If this is still around on our next visit, we’ll redo it with a different set of restaurants.”

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Howth Seafood Shuffle