Howth Harbour

Howth Harbour dates back more than 200 years, with the West Pier being the eldest of the two that we have here. The harbour is one of the oldest working ones to date here in Ireland so although you’ll find that restaurants seem to have taken over. We have trawlers and smaller shellfish boats coming in and out of the harbour day in and day out, hauling fish whenever a boat lands. Howth is after all a traditional fishing village. So we’re proud to say that the fishing industry is and hopefully always will be our most affluent facet.

“… a people without the knowledge of their past, origin and culture is like a tree with no roots …”

The East Pier, Howth’s more scenic of the two was built in 1807. With the ever popular lighthouse right at the end having been fully completed in 1821. It’s said that the stone, the granite that our Piers are made of come from the Dalkey Quarry in South Dublin. Subsequently, making Howth Harbour and its rival, Dun Laoghaire Harbour, for all intents and purposes cut from the same cloth.

Additionally, the same year the lighthouse was finished, King George IV was said to have visited us. Rumoured to have enjoyed his time here so much, a local stonemason carved his footprints into the stone at the end of the west pier. Those foot prints still remain there to this day and are popular among our visitors. As of March 2020, Howth had two particularly keen visitors come to the West PIer to visit the footprints. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, second in line for the British throne walked the Harbour with his wife, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. 

Over the years, Howth has become one of the busiest harbours in Ireland. With its huge emphasis on seafood restaurants, a large scale yacht club and the erection of a modernized middle pier purely for the fishing fleets. As a result, Howth has become not only the busiest harbour but the largest fishing port on Ireland’s East coast.

Go for one of the most beautiful strolls in Howth along the East Pier. Moreover, grab a bite to eat on the West Pier.

Or do you fancy something even more adventurous? Catch the ferry at the end of the West Pier and go and explore Ireland’s Eye for a few hours or perhaps just the boat trip. 

“Lifetime experience! You must see if you visit Dublin. Sunsets are especially mind blowing from this spot!”

“If you’re in the Dublin area, I absolutely recommend a trip here.  The local town is filled with things to do and see.  The local food is also very good.  And the lighthouse is charming and historical.”

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