Haunted Hidden Howth

Poets, pirates and ghostly tales are the main feature, as we journey through this ancient fishing village at night

Start off your chilling Haunted Howth experience in the legendary and aptly named Bloody Stream, a pub nestled underneath the Railway station, the exact location of the Norman Invasion that occurred in the 12th century. Enjoy a cold glass of beer as you learn a little more about our tales of vikings and pirates. As you walk through Howth itself, you’ll learn of our castle. Being 700 hundred years old, you can bet there’s a few ghostly tales to tell about this location. 

Immerse yourself in Irish Culture as you walk the ruins of St. Mary’s Abbey, where the dead don’t always rest in peace. Afterwards, you’ll visit the Martello Tower, erected in 1803 to ward off a Napoleonic Invasion. Unknown to many, Howth was once home to one of the world’s most prolific poets, W.B. Yeats. Visit his former residence – a place that inspired ‘Village Ghosts’, one of his famous short stories. 

“History has in no manner been burdened by this ancient village, with its crooked lanes, its old abbey churchyard full of long grass, its green background of small fir-trees, and its quay, where lie a few tarry fishing-luggers. In the annals of entomology it is well known. For a small bay lies westward a little, where he who watches night after night may see a certain rare moth fluttering along the edge of the tide, just at the end of evening or the beginning of dawn.” – W.B Yeats

Lastly, finish off in one of the oldest pubs in Howth ‘The Cock Tavern’ for another glass of beer and even more eerie tales. Whether you have a passion for Irish History, or prefer listening to ghostly tales and the myths and legends you have come to associate with ancient Ireland. There is something for everyone. 

Hidden Howth Experiences
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