Coastal Walk and Chowder Trail

Shane’s Howth Adventures 
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Dublin’s best day tours, only 30 minutes from the city centre and airport. Explore Howth, a charming peninsula in the Dublin Bay UNESCO Biosphere, with a local on our guided hikes, walks, electric bike and food tours. We will take you off the beaten track through magical woodland, jungle and heath lands to the famous Howth cliff paths and panoramic views.

Immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere and flavours of this ancient and famous Dublin village.  Explore the charming harbour and historic picturesque coastal village of Howth through the eyes of a local. Visit the beautiful grounds of Howth’s 800 year old medieval Castle. Follow the secret paths and trails through the woodlands and heath-lands to views that HG Wells described as the most beautiful in the World. Walk through time in the footsteps of an astonishing history, enjoying the breath-taking views on the Howth cliff walk, taking in the sights, sounds and aromas of a bustling port. Stroll along the piers hearing about the history which inspired many famous writers, artists and our local rock stars! Routes are varied on walks and hikes depending on the ability of each group.

With taste buds awakened after the fresh salty air, visit our friend’s restaurant and taste the award winning local seafood chowder, traditional Irish bread, a glass of wine, Guinness or whatever you fancy. Our guides are true “locals” with deep roots in the area and magnetic commitment to blending the best of Howth with the best in you. 

“Wow! The coastal walk with Paula and chowder at the end was a fantastic way to see, learn about, and experience Howth and east Ireland. Definitely the best part of my trip! Paula was so knowledgeable with her history of Howth, the castle (still lived in!), the beautiful forest and cliffs…She brought us to the top of a hill that surely has the best view of Dublin, Dublin Bay and the Irish sea! You can even see the east coast all the way to Northern Ireland! A short walk through the neighbourhoods to the cliffs allows you to see a variety of Irish houses, and the view of the Harbour and Ireland’s eye from the cliff are breath-taking! Down at Howth pier were many colourful boats. The pier is lined with cafés and fish shops (and of course a light house) where we stopped at the end of our tour to eat the best chowder I have ever had! Served with Irish brown bread and loaded with fresh fish, Mussels, scallops and crab. THIS IS A MUST DO EXPERIENCE when in Dublin! Make sure you bring some good running shoes or boots and be ready to walk for a couple of hours up and down the hills, forests And town of beautiful Howth!”                                                                                            

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