Covid – 19 

In light of the Corona Virus we at Visit Howth would like to reach out to the community at large to offer assistance  to anyone currently in a vulnerable position. If you or anyone you know needs help with the collection of groceries or medicines, we have volunteers who are willing to help you with this and provide ‘contactless’ drop offs for these essentials. There has also been offers of Ready Meals, Batches of Soup/ Bread etc by community spirited individuals and businesses.

If you feel you may need assistance or are in a position to help with this volunteer effort. Please contact me on 086 275 2784 and we will add you to our group. Visit Howth will coordinate with both volunteers and recipients and be assured that safety of all is our paramount concern.

Click here to keep up to date with everything that Visit Howth are doing for the community during this period. 

To all our visitors, the majority of our pubs and restaurants have decided to close to adhere to the rules the HSE and the Government have recommended. We hope you understand, and we’re already looking forward to a time where we can all reopen. Remember, please stay inside not just for yourself but for the benefit of those vulnerable. When you are outside, please recognize the importance of social distancing and the impact it can have on reducing this virus tenfold. 


Welcome to Howth!


Welcome to the small seaside village of Howth, where the land meets the sea and creates the most amazing natural environments for adventure and the great outdoors. Oozing with history and culture, Howth is one of Dublin’s oldest working harbours with it ranking as one of Ireland’s busiest fishing ports to date.

Something we’re sure of – fresh seafood makes for fine food and entertainment. And with cool niche shopping, some of the most unique outdoor experiences and a broad range of health, fitness and beauty offerings, our little village is a must-see.

For the last 9000 years, Howth has become a hotspot for European itineraries with visitors recognizing the charm of our community and sights, and with a bustling atmosphere to match it’s understandable why so many find themselves coming back time and time again.

Thrill and inspire yourself with the activities available on our ‘Things to Do’ page. Or on the contrary if you’re looking to hideaway on our little peninsula for a relaxing weekend, check out ‘Where to Stay’.

Experience all that Howth has to offer. 


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Whats On?
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Where to Eat
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Where to Stay
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Things to See
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Things to Do

Getting Here

By Air

Howth is on the approach to Dublin Airport and only 25 minutes by road. For happy landings, layovers or as a set off point before your journey there is no place that will serve you better.

Click here to visit Dublin Airport’s website

By Sea

Dublin Bay Cruises is an exciting way to travel from the City Centre to the beautiful fishing village of Howth.

Click here to visit Dublin Bay Cruises website

By Train

The capital’s iconic DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) system is a fast and frequent way of travelling from Dublin City to Howth in 25 minutes. The DART hugs the Irish Sea coast for much of its journey, making for one of the most scenic suburban rail routes in Europe.
Trains run regularly both on and off-peak, and are kitted out with free Wi-Fi and provide one of the speediest ways to transport you to Howth.
Howth Dart Station is the last stop on all trains travelling northbound from Dublin City Centre.

​Click here to visit Irish Rail’s website to check DART times

By Bus

Dublin has an extensive network of public bus routes, making it super easy to get around. It’s route, timetable and fare information make it easy for visitors to bus around the sights and a real time information service shows when buses are due to arrive.
Hop on the 31, 31A and 31B from Abbey Street right in Dublin’s city centre and get the 31 right out to Howth’s piers or cliff walks – it’s up to you!

​Click here to visit Dublin Bus’s website for times, information and a fare calculator